GOESH International LTD ( GOESH) was established in 1993 by Tuvia Gil, a -40 years veteran in the Aerospace industry, held various executive positions with global responsibilities.

Tuvia holds a B.Mech.E degree from the Melbourne University, Melbourne, Australia  and an MBA ( Summa Cum Laude) from Michigan State University, USA.


The vast experience of Tuvia was a major factor in the success of the company, which established its reputation and its customer base in Israel and worldwide.


The company holds under one roof, many solutions for the Aerospace industries.



Representation of international companies that supply a vast variety of products for the production of Aero Structure components and Assemblies for the Aerospace Industries.





Strategic and International Marketing and Sales consulting for the Aerospace Industries.


The vast international experience of the company enables it to bridge the business gap among different business cultures worldwide, thus offers its clients an efficient and effective service adjusted to each client’s needs.


Due to the variety of represented companies by GOESH, the company provides solutions of products such as Raw Materials and forgings - Titanium, Stainless Steel, High Alloy Steel, Aerospace Fasteners and Bearings, Aerospace components and equipment such as Valves etc.


All the companies that GOESH represents deliver their products with all requires certificates in accordance with Quality Assurance requirements at the required level for the Aerospace Industries such as ISO , COT, COC etc..


GOESH’s clients and suppliers have GOESH’s personnel available 24/7, a quick service direct communication and outstanding responsiveness.






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